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Mission Terrain Dll Silent Hunter 5 >>> DOWNLOAD

Mission Terrain Dll Silent Hunter 5 >>> DOWNLOAD

When I launched the game for the first time I get an error message saying I need to insert a Mission Terrain Dll.Q: What's wrong with my code for making a 'Todo' List? I wrote this code to build a ToDo List, but it's not working. When I run it, the output is 1 is not equal to 2 I just want to know why this is happening. Here's my code: #include #include int main(){ int a=1; char f; printf("Do you want to create the todo list?(Y or N) "); scanf("%c",&f); if(f=='Y' || f=='y'){ printf("How many items you want to add? "); scanf("%d",&a); printf("1 is the number of item you want to add. "); printf("2 is the number of item you want to delete. "); printf("You can add up to %d items. ",a); } printf("1 is not equal to 2 "); getch(); } A: There are a few points of interest here: Firstly, you need to check that your scanf call is returning anything other than EOF - this will cause your program to "hang" as f is never assigned a value. Secondly, it looks like you're going to be using only one character, hence you don't really need the '%c' format specifier. The same goes for the if condition. The British Library has a magnificent collection of photographs of German troops preparing for war, and in the Library's new exhibition, Germans in War, the Library has partnered with the Imperial War Museum to put the collection of photographs to good use. It is a beautiful photographic tour of Germany's role in the First World War, and it is often only as the images of German soldiers arriving and departing for war shows that


Mission Terrain Dll Silent Hunter 5

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