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With their innovative design and multiple viewing options, Metropoly HD2 Scan360tm offer unparalleled ease and convenience, dramatically improving your quality of life. Available as either stand alone units or designed to be used in conjunction with traditional 2D scanners, Metropoly HD2 Scan360tm will help to significantly improve your workflow. Metropoly HD2 Scan360tm provides a 3D digital model of your objects, surface textures and color data, available in printable CAD format. This option is also available with the Scan360 Porting Service. The Metropoly HD2 Scan360tm digital scanner has been tested by professionals for evaluation of their equipment and software. Metropoly HD2 Scan360tm will be the preferred choice for professionals. It will help them streamline their business processes, improve the quality of their products, save money and be more efficient than before. It takes up to 35 seconds to get the world's most accurate scan. Using the unique digital scanning technology of the Metropoly HD2 Scan360tm, you'll be able to scan any flat surface in a matter of minutes. The most advanced handheld scanning device in its class, the Metropoly HD2 Scan360tm features a full HD video lens and dual cameras with an amazing 270° scanning capability and 5 views. It is extremely light, portable and affordable. Its performance and software is unmatched by any other 3D scanner. Metropoly HD2 Scan360tm is a 2D or 3D scanner that anyone can use, regardless of skill level. At over $17,000, it is far too expensive to use every day, but when you need a high resolution 3D scan in a hurry, it's the most effective solution. It is small enough to be used easily by an operator or set up to scan from multiple positions. This makes it perfect for professional and business applications, such as 3D scanning of structural details. Metropoly HD2 Scan360tm will help to significantly improve your workflow, saving time and money in your day to day activities. Warranty: 1 Year ProScan 360 Warranty Period (full warranty service) 2 year warranty for the 3D printer Full warranty for the original parts of the product When you buy a ProScan 360 3D Printer, you buy a long-term commitment. That's because ProScan 360 is backed by one of the most trusted warranty periods in the industry.



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Axyz Design Hd2 Torrent darroty

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